Hybrid AI & Cardio Jr. Graduation 2023
August 24, 2023

The Junior Engineering in Hybrid Artificial Intelligence and Junior Diploma in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Healthcare Graduation Ceremony was a resounding success, graced by esteemed guests including Dr. Francis Lawyer, a renowned Pediatrician; Dr. Sruthy B S, an esteemed Assistant Professor; Avinash, an expert Human Resource Specialist; and Siva Karthick B, a proficient Team Lead in AI/ML. The event commenced in the captivating ambiance of Philosopher’s Hall on Thursday, August 24th at 3:00 PM. Excitement filled the venue as graduates, parents, faculty, and guests came together to celebrate the achievements of these young talents.

Dr. Francis Lawyer, the Chief Guest, shared insightful perspectives on the evolving healthcare field, underlining the significance of a multidisciplinary approach in shaping future healthcare leaders. Dr. Sruthy B S praised the graduates’ commitment to learning and the pursuit of knowledge, motivating them to continue their path to excellence.

Avinash, the Human Resource Specialist, shed light on the professional journey awaiting the graduates, emphasizing the importance of soft skills alongside technical expertise. Siva Karthick B, the Team Lead in AI/ML, illuminated the exciting possibilities in artificial intelligence, urging students to lead in innovation.

With pride, the students expressed their joy and gratitude during the ceremony, amplified by the presence of their parents, creating a memorable atmosphere for all attendees. As the event concluded, graduates stepped into a new life chapter, equipped with knowledge, passion, and a strong foundation in Hybrid AI Engineering and Cardiovascular/Respiratory Healthcare. Beyond marking an academic milestone, the ceremony symbolized the promising future ahead for these bright minds.

In conclusion, the Graduation Ceremony blended inspiration, celebration, and anticipation for the remarkable journey ahead. Junior Engineering and Junior Diploma graduates are now primed to excel in their chosen fields, armed with wisdom from distinguished guests and mentors.

Congratulations to the graduates, and best wishes for their future endeavors!

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