The most important thing you will ever wear is your attitude

Attitude plays a crucial role in shaping an individual’s behavior and actions. At Excel, we understand the importance of fostering a positive attitude in our students. A positive attitude can greatly facilitate success in various aspects of life.

In order to develop a positive attitude in our students, we focus on three key areas: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. To improve students’ cognitive attitude, or thought process, we have implemented an effective strategy known as goal setting. Goals are set according to a ratio of 1:2:4 for physical, personal, and professional goals respectively. To enhance their affective attitude, or emotional domain, we create a positive classroom environment through our SPICE program. Additionally, our Self-Image Visualizer program helps to improve students’ behavioral attitude.

At Excel, we strive to ensure that each and every student is developed in such a way that they can excel wherever they go in life. Through our focus on attitude development, we aim to help our students become confident, well-rounded individuals with a positive outlook on life.

Count-Down Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Zero

A Cure to Procrastination

Are you tired of procrastinating and struggling to stay focused on your tasks? Introducing Count-Down 7, a simple yet effective method to help prevent procrastination and boost productivity.

The Count-Down 7 method is based on the principle of setting a countdown timer for 7 seconds, and taking specific actions as the timer counts down. The method can be applied in various scenarios, such as when waking up in the morning or when feeling lazy to start working on a task.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set a countdown timer for 7 seconds.

  2. As soon as the alarm starts counting down from 7 to 0, wake up and lay there for 7 seconds.

  3. Once the countdown reaches zero, step down and take 7 steps.

By following this simple method, you are actively tuning your mind to be more alert and focused. The Count-Down 7 method can be especially helpful for those who struggle with morning grogginess and procrastination.

But the Count-Down 7 method isn’t just for morning use, you can apply this method whenever you feel lazy to do any work, like when you have a big task ahead and you’re feeling overwhelmed, or when you’re feeling unmotivated, start your countdown and get to work.

Give Count-Down 7 a try and see for yourself how it can improve your productivity and help you overcome procrastination. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make in your life.


Perfect your routines

At Excel, we believe in fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability in our students. That’s why we have implemented the Daily Dashboard, a handbook given to all students to help them manage their academic and personal goals, as well as daily activities.

The Daily Dashboard is a detailed profile of each student, containing all the necessary information for teachers, school office, and students themselves. It includes transportation details, general components of assembly such as prayer and pledge, and an “All About Me” section. Additionally, there is a Habit Incubation Tank, a calendar, and other useful tools to help students stay organized.

Moreover, there is space available to fill personal statement on goals, Parents’ and Teachers’ remark, leave record, class timetable, and exam timetable, so students always have an overview of what’s coming next.


A platform to shape personality

Here in Excel, we recognize the importance of strong public speaking skills in today’s world. That’s why we have created TED XL, a platform for our students to improve their public speaking abilities and gain confidence in expressing themselves.

The objectives of students participating in TED XL are as follows:

  • To associate the ability to think and speak: By preparing and delivering a TED-style talk, students will develop the ability to organize their thoughts and express them clearly and effectively.

  • To organize the students’ thoughts logically: Through the process of researching and outlining their talk, students will learn to organize their thoughts in a logical and coherent manner.

  • To develop oral presentation skills and to enable civic discourse: Through practice and feedback, students will develop their oral presentation skills and become more comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

  • To enhance the students’ confidence level and to engage them in research: By preparing and delivering a TED-style talk, students will gain confidence in their abilities and become more engaged in research and critical thinking.

TED XL is a great platform for students to showcase their talents, express their ideas and opinions, and develop their public speaking skills. We are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence they need to be successful in life.

My Daily Dashboard

 To maintain an appropriate record of all the happenings in the school we follow the daily dashboard in our diary to create a habitual maintenance of records. This helps to avoid communication gaps among the student, teacher and parents regarding the learning process and analyze with recall various activities of the school

 It is a handbook which contains a detailed profile of students, which can be used by the teacher, school office and students themselves.  Apart from academic activities goal setting, steps to achieve goals, parents’ reflection, recalling, gratitude to teachers and parents, date, parents and teachers signature etc are also included.

Self-Image Visualizer

The SIV is given to each student and a task based on one of the 5 core skills is assigned for a day. Student talk based on the SIV task is an essential component in daily assembly. After the assembly, 20 minutes time is allotted for the completion of each day’s SIV task.  Students are encouraged to complete the SIV task by making use of additional research materials provided and with a healthy open discussion in the class with the respective class teachers.


Act of charity not only helps the people in need but also makes us feel good. Charity bring together people who care about a cause. To pass on the spirit of giving to children, we need to show them real life examples. They should be taught the virtues of charity.  With the intention to develop the importance of charity in school children, the Manava Seva Program was initiated in Excel campus. The learners were taken to physically and mentally challenged homes, collected funds and rendered help during the floods in Kerala. Old age home visits and Educational aid to the children of local area were promoted through this venture.

National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth development movement. NCC cadets are given the opportunity to participate in a host of adventure activities including trekking, sailing, diving, rope climbing, etc. NCC certificate holders have an add-on advantage during the IPS selection process.

In our school, NCC is actively working under the effective guidance of  Mr. Robert Singh. Around 100 students have enrolled in this endeavor. They get training for around two years. The parades for all important functions in this school are organized by the NCC cadets. They are also involved in various adventurous and camp activities and have won medals.


‘I serve’ is the motto of JRC. They organize Blood Donation Camps, Disaster Management Training Camps, Health Checkup Camps, Orphanage visits and other community outrage programmes. In our school JRC is functioning well under the guidance of Mr. T. Edward Sam & Mrs. E. Julie Sam. Around 150 students are members in this. They are trained in activities like helping others, environmental protection, first aid, cleanliness, fire protection etc. They rendered service to the Covid victims too. Frequent orphanage visits are arranged. Competitions and seminars are organized. Students have won prizes in the State level competitions.

Youth Red Cross is a platform where they exhibit their talents, skills, knowledge etc and develop various life skills. It inculcates humanitarian action and also acceptance of responsibilities to help others without discrimination.


At Excel, the Scouts & Guides wing is effectively managed by Mrs. Julie Sam (Guide Captain) and Mr. T. Edward Sam (Scout Master). A lot of activities are organized under this. Environment Cleanliness Campaign, Awareness about Home Garden, Training for President Award, Improving the Craft Skills, Visits to Old Age and Physically challenged home, Participation in various competitions, Adventurous Games and Camp activities are some of them. Students won a lot of prizes in various competitions like song, dance, cooking etc. Our students came first in the State level and are preparing for the National level competitions which are scheduled in the month of December.


Self Awareness Exercises are essential to develop the overall personality development of the learners. Many activities are planned and implemented to promote this. For example, Greeting others mindfully according to the time, Expressing gratitude, Usage of magical words such as Sorry, Thank you, Please etc. From the lower grades, the learners are trained to speak and write about themselves (All About Me). Children are given opportunities to express their feeling with reason. Various real life situations are provided and the learners are made to realize the positives and negatives. Self Awareness exercises thus remain as a stepping stone to progress and personality development.