STEAM Exploratorium

STEAM Exploratorium

STEAM Exploratorium

From adventure games to artificial intelligence, Excel has it all

At Excel Group of Schools, we take pride in providing a unique learning experience through our STEAM Exploratorium. Our STEAM approach integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to encourage students to think creatively and innovatively. The program is designed to help students understand the relationship between these subjects and their applications in real-world scenarios.

The STEAM Exploratorium includes various facilities such as a well-equipped science laboratory, sports complex, advanced tools and technology labs, engineering and enterprise facilities, state-of-the-art agriculture and art departments, and facilities for multiple intelligences, math, and medicine.

Our STEAM program is designed to develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, which are crucial for success in the 21st century. Our students engage in various activities, including project-based learning, hands-on experimentation, field trips, and guest lectures. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning that inspires curiosity and fosters a passion for lifelong learning.

We invite you to take a glimpse of what our STEAM Exploratorium has to offer. Come and see for yourself the state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies that we have incorporated into our learning environment. Our expert faculty members are always on hand to guide and support our students as they navigate the complex and ever-changing world of STEAM. With our STEAM Exploratorium, we are confident that our students will be well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future and become leaders in their chosen fields.

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SCIENCE & Sports

Engage your intellectual mind and physical body

Zoology Lab

Provides ideal place for students to study the histology of various cells, tissues and organs.

Oxy-Garden Library

Students can read in an Oxygen-rich open library under the shade of bamboo trees which promotes a calming atmosphere symbolizing the library's commitment to sustainability and resilience

Botany Lab

Allows study of the structure, properties and biochemical processes of all forms of plant life as well as plant classification, and the interaction of plants with their physical environment.

Space Observatory

Provides students with the opportunity to learn about astronomy and study the celestial bodies beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Excel Wisdom Centre

Provides students with access to a wide range of books and other resources to support their lifelong learning and research.

Physics Lab

Provide students with various opportunities to learn and experiment, which plays a crucial role in the ongoing intellectual development of students at any academic level.

Chemistry Lab

Allows students to explore chemical concepts, view changes in matter, and acquire scientific skills in an atmosphere that mimics a professional scientific environment.

Tools & Technology

Equip yourself with cutting-edge tools and technologies at our state-of-the-art labs


Milling is a machine tool process that involves cutting and shaping materials using a rotating cutting tool.


Students learn about an industrial functioning of a drill bit and how materials react differently when drilled.


Students can reap the benefits like career opportunities, precision and accuracy skills, technology skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and safety awareness.

Tailoring Lab

Allows students to explore the art of creativity, sewing and garment making.


Lathe is a machine tool used for shaping and cutting materials, and it is commonly used in manufacturing and engineering industries.

Carpentry Lab

Provides students with hands-on experience in carpentry and CNC machining.

Engineering & Enterprise

Empowering Future Innovators through Engineering and Entrepreneurial Facilities


Learning plumbing is beneficial for students in a variety of ways, both personally and professionally. It will provide benefits like Career Opportunities, Cost Savings, Environmental Awareness, Personal Responsibility, Problem Solving and Safety.


Allows students to acquire the ability to cooperative engineering design work.

Electrical, Electronics & Circuitry

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the electronic properties of semiconductors, technology, the theories and practices of the most important electronic devices, and their impacts on the performance of integrated circuits.

Aerospace Lab – ESER

Allows students to explore the latest developments in aerospace technology, Space Science and apply their knowledge the real-world.

Agriculture & Art

Where creativity meets sustainability through agriculture and art


Students can reap Health Education, Hands-on Learning, Environmental Education, Emotional Well-being and Community Engagement.

Integrated Organic Farming

It helps to promote Sustainable Agriculture, Improves Health and Nutrition, Encourages Hands-On Learning, Fosters Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Enhances Community Engagement.

Aquaponics Farm

Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural method that combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless plant cultivation). An aquaponics farm can provide benefits like Provides a Hands-On Learning Experience, Improves Health and Nutrition and Enhances Nutrition Education.

Multiple Intelligences, Math & Medicine

Unlock the potential of every student with our cutting-edge facilities in multiple intelligences, math and medicine

Inter & Intrapersonal Lab

Allows students to create friendly relations with their classmates, develop teamwork and collaborative attitude, improve their presence of mind and enhance their memory.

Musical Intelligence Lab

Allows Students to create, communicate and understand meaning through sound.

Bodily Kinesthetic Lab

It helps to find students ability to process information physically through hand and body movement, control, and expression.

Spatial Lab

Allows evidence-based activities to boost your child's spatial reasoning abilities.

Naturalist Lab

Allows kids to engage in the process of finding, identifying and connecting with objects in nature.

Logical Lab

It helps to improve mental operations; resulting in higher levels of cognitive activity and an increased capability to solve intellectual problems.

Linguistic Lab

It’s a very helpful tool for practicing and assessing one's speech in language and allows the student to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and compare with the model, and do self-assessment.