The 5A's

Any and all components of Excel's learning process links seamlessly with all 5A's

At Excel School, we believe that a well-rounded education is essential for the overall development and success of our students. That is why we focus on the 5A’s: Arokya, Attitude, Academic, Artistic, and Athletic. Each of these areas plays a vital role in helping our students grow and thrive, both inside and outside of the classroom. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of each of the 5A’s at Excel School.

Arokya, or good health, is a crucial aspect of the 5A’s. At Excel, we believe that a healthy mind and body are necessary for overall growth and success. We offer a variety of wellness programs and activities, such as yoga and sports teams, to encourage students to prioritize their physical and mental health.

Next is Attitude. At Excel, we encourage a positive, growth mindset among our students. We believe that a positive attitude can greatly impact a student’s academic and personal success. Our faculty works to cultivate a supportive and encouraging environment that helps students develop a can-do attitude.

Of course, Academic achievement is also a key focus at Excel. We offer a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum that challenges our students to reach their full potential. In addition to traditional subjects, we also offer a variety of elective courses and extracurricular activities to help students discover their passions and interests.

At Excel, we also value the importance of the arts in a well-rounded education. From music and drama to visual arts, we offer a wide range of artistic opportunities for our students to explore and develop their creative talents.

Finally, we place a strong emphasis on athletics at Excel. We believe that participation in sports helps students develop teamwork skills, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of sports teams and activities for students to get involved in, from traditional sports like football and basketball to adventure sports like rock climbing.

Overall, the 5A’s of Excel – Arokya, Attitude, Academic, Artistic, and Athletic – are integral to the development of the whole child. We are committed to helping our students succeed in all areas of their lives and reach their full potential.