Learn more about admission requirements at Excel

Candidates applying for classes under grade 4 are only required to pass the entrance examination which will be held at the school premise before the start of the academic year.

Candidates who are applying from grade 4 are required to meet certain academic and personal criteria in order to be eligible to apply. Some of the academic criteria that is required for admission to Excel include: 

  • A certain grade point average (GPA)
  • Passing scores on entrance exams, such
  • A personal statement of yourself. Read more below.
  • Recommendation letters from teachers or other individuals who can speak to the applicant’s abilities and potential for success

In addition to academic criteria, we also have personal criteria that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for admission. This includes:

  • Participation in extracurricular activities or community service
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • A certain level of physical fitness or ability to participate in sports
  • A personal interview with the admissions committee

Age Criteria

The following is the age criteria for all our branches. Please be sure to check the date of birth of students before applying.

It should be noted that CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) does not allow admission to students at AS level above 20 years.

IGCSE, AS & A level subjects offered at Excel Global School.

Age on 15th August
2.5 to 3 years
4 years
5 years
Grade 1
6 years
Grade 2
7 years
Grade 3
8 years
Grade 4
9 years
Grade 5
10 years
Grade 6
11 years
Grade 7
12 years
Grade 8
13 years
Grade 9
14 years
Grade 10 / IGCSE
15 years
Grade 11 / AS Level
16 years