Excel’s Tribute to Freedom
August 15, 2023

At Excel, the spirit of independence reverberated through a two-day celebration of India’s cherished freedom. On the 14th of August, our youngest patriots from KG to grade 3 stepped into the shoes of freedom fighters and iconic figures from the struggle for independence, wearing white kurta and pyjama adorned with the national flag on their chests. The day was filled with cultural programs, featuring heartfelt speeches, mesmerizing dances, and much more.

However, the pinnacle of our Independence Day festivities was reached on the 15th of August, when we had the honor of hosting Shri. K T Sudhir, Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force, as our esteemed chief guest. The day commenced with the unfurling of the tricolor, followed by a splendid parade that showcased the discipline and patriotism of our students.

Our Managing Director, Ms. Brindha Sreekumar, delivered an inspiring speech on the “5As” – Aspire, Achieve, Adapt, Accept, and Appreciate. This powerful message resonated deeply with all in attendance. Both the principals of Excel Central School and Excel Global School also shared their insights and vision for the future.

Shri. K T Sudhir’s moving address left an indelible mark on our hearts, and the cultural performances by various grades from both schools added an artistic dimension to the celebration. It was also a momentous occasion as we proudly unveiled the latest edition of our magazine, “STEAM Fusion Digest.”

The day concluded with an overwhelming sense of unity, patriotism, and the belief that our future generations will carry forward the legacy of freedom and progress that our nation holds dear. Excel School – Nurturing the spirit of patriotism, one student at a time.

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