Facilitating Excellence: Empowering Facilitators’ Professional Growth
July 1, 2023

We are delighted to have conducted an enriching and insightful Professional Development Programme for facilitators, led by the esteemed Dr. Porgio. With 40 years of experience in Education and Research, including mentoring 25 PhD candidates, Dr. Porgio brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this session.

The concepts of learning were explored, emphasizing learning as an active and social process, as well as the essence of effective teaching and its impact on learners. Class observations and feedback were discussed, with a focus on identifying strengths and areas of improvement to enhance teaching and facilitation skills.

Strategies for developing process skills were unraveled, including the exploration of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its role in fostering higher-order thinking. Types of process skills, such as information acquisition, observation, and inference, were addressed, along with strategies to initiate and engage learners effectively in a topic.

The session also covered reasoning skills, highlighting detective reasoning, inductive reasoning, and the law of least effort in learning and teaching methodologies. Effective questioning techniques were emphasized to stimulate learning and encourage constructive knowledge and constructivism in education.

Utilizing the power of visual aids, facilitators explored the Chalet Board as a tool to enhance learning experiences. The session was enriched with real-world examples and interactive discussions, enabling practical application of the concepts. Dr. Porgio’s extensive experience and expertise added value to the sharing of insights and knowledge.

The Professional Development Programme was an informative and engaging experience for all participants. Facilitators left the session equipped with valuable tools and strategies to create impactful learning environments for their students. At Excel, we are committed to supporting the continuous growth of our facilitators, and we look forward to more enriching sessions, empowering our educators to make a positive difference in the lives of their learners.

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