Championing Excellence: SportsEd Summit 2023 – Uniting Visionaries, Empowering Athletes
August 2, 2023

We extend a warm welcome to the prestigious SportsEd’s Summit 2023, proudly hosted by Excel Group of Schools, Thiruvattar, in collaboration with iQuery Australia. As the chosen venue for this remarkable sports event, we are deeply honored to be a part of a revolutionary educational experience that will redefine the way students engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through the innovative STEM Fit program.

iQuery Australia: Pioneers in Academic Opportunities

iQuery Australia is widely recognized for its outstanding advisory and consultancy services, providing international academic opportunities to individuals and educational institutions alike. Their latest groundbreaking venture, STEM Fit, is poised to revolutionize education by presenting a unique and exciting way for schools in India and selected countries to immerse themselves in STEM subjects.

August 2nd, 2023: A Day of Celebration

On August 2nd, 2023, the excitement reached its peak as the SportsEd’s Summit commenced at Excel Group of Schools, Thiruvattar. With great pride, we witnessed Dr. Jim Lee, a distinguished authority in human movement research and wearable technology applications in sports, address the participants and officially launch the 2023 STEMFit International Cup. The event was an exceptional platform for our students to showcase their talents, setting the stage for extraordinary achievements in both sports and academics.

A Journey into STEMFit Excellence

SportsEd’s Summit 2023 has set in motion an unforgettable journey into the world of STEMFit, where passion for learning converges with the thrill of sports. Excel Group of Schools and iQuery Australia are delighted to present this transformative event, anticipating the outstanding accomplishments of our students in academic and athletic spheres.

SportsEd’s Summit 2023 is an unforgettable chapter in our pursuit of educational excellence. We are deeply grateful to iQuery Australia for their partnership, as together, we strive to redefine education and empower students through the STEMFit program. Witness the journey of our students as they showcase their talents and passion for learning, and celebrate their achievements in both academic and athletic domains.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the summit as we continue to champion STEMFit excellence and nurture the spirit of learning and sportsmanship. Together, let us inspire a brighter future through the power of knowledge and physical prowess!

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