Excel Schools: Integrated Farming Education

Integrated Framing, Excel Group of Schools
Excel Group of Schools

Excel Group of Schools is taking an innovative approach to education by incorporating integrated farming into their curriculum. Students at the school are actively involved in cultivating paddy fields as part of their hands-on learning experience. This unique initiative not only imparts valuable agricultural knowledge but also instills a strong sense of responsibility and sustainability in the students.

Through integrated farming, students learn about the entire agricultural process, from planting and nurturing paddy crops to harvesting and processing the grains. This holistic approach to education fosters a deep connection to the environment and encourages students to appreciate the significance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Excel believes that by engaging students in such practical activities, they are preparing the future generation to be more environmentally conscious and self-reliant. Additionally, this initiative highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture and the need to preserve our natural resources.

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