Sports Day Celebration 2024
January 27, 2024

Let’s take a look back at the exhilarating showcase of athleticism and camaraderie that unfolded at Excel Central School and Excel Global School’s Sports Days 2024. Students from Grades KG to 12 displayed their physical prowess and team spirit in a series of thrilling events.

Excel Central School Sports Day:

Dates: January 27th, January 30th and January 31st

Events: Grades 6 to 12 participated in individual sports such as running, long jump, shot put, and more on January 30th and February 1st. Grades 6 to 12 engaged in group sports including volleyball, basketball, cricket, football, handball, and more on January 26th and 30th.

Highlights: The event featured vibrant performances, drill displays, and exciting competitions, fostering a culture of physical activity, teamwork, and healthy competition among students.

Excel Global School Sports Meet:

Date: February 1st, 2024 (Grades 6-12) and February 2nd, 2024 (KG to Grade 5)

Events: Grades 6 to 12 showcased their athletic abilities in various team sports like basketball, football, cricket, handball, and more. Meanwhile, KG to Grade 5 students participated in their own set of engaging activities on February 2nd.

Focus: Excel Global School’s Sports Meet emphasized the importance of physical fitness, sportsmanship, and cooperation, creating an atmosphere of excitement and healthy competition.

The past Sports Days were a resounding success, promoting physical activity, team spirit, and healthy competition among students. Participants displayed outstanding sportsmanship and dedication, making the events memorable and enjoyable for all.

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