SMART Parenting: Empowering Parents for Holistic Child Development
June 22, 2023

At Excel, we believe that parents play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. To provide valuable guidance and support to parents, a SMART Parenting Counseling Session was conducted by our esteemed Chairman, Dr. Sreekumar. This session aimed to empower parents of students from KG to Grade 3 with essential insights and strategies for fostering their children’s holistic growth and well-being.

Overview of the SMART Parenting Counseling Session:

The counseling session was an interactive and informative event where parents received valuable guidance on nurturing their children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Dr. Sreekumar, with his vast experience and expertise, led the session, addressing various aspects of effective parenting.

The 5 A’s: Key Pillars of Holistic Development:

During the session, parents were introduced to the 5 A’s approach, which forms the foundation for nurturing well-rounded individuals. These pillars include:

a) Arokya : Understanding the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fostering physical well-being for children.

b) Attitude : Guidance on fostering positive attitudes, emotional resilience, and empathy in children.

c) Academic : Insights on creating a conducive learning environment and promoting academic growth in young learners.

d) Artistic : Encouraging creativity and artistic exploration to unleash a child’s inner potential.

e) Athletic : The importance of physical activities and sports in developing motor skills and promoting overall fitness.

Building Core Skills for Lifelong Success:

Parents were introduced to the 5 Core Skills that lay the groundwork for future success in various aspects of life:

  • Self-Management Skills: Guidance on teaching children self-discipline, time management, and goal-setting.
  • Social Skills: Fostering healthy relationships, empathy, and effective communication with peers and adults.
  • Communication Skills: Developing strong verbal and non-verbal communication abilities for effective expression.
  • Thinking Skills: Encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in young minds.
  • Research Skills: Instilling curiosity and the ability to gather and analyze information to make informed decisions.

Interactive Workshops and Practical Strategies:

The counselling session included interactive workshops and hands-on activities, allowing parents to implement the learned strategies effectively. Participants were encouraged to share their experiences and challenges, fostering a supportive community of parents.

Empowering Parents for Lifelong Learning:

The SMART Parenting Counselling Session emphasized that parenting is a continuous learning journey. Parents were provided with resources and tools to support ongoing growth in their parenting skills and enrich their children’s development.

At Excel, we are committed to nurturing a strong partnership between parents and educators. The Smart Parenting Counselling Session conducted by Dr. Sreekumar was a step towards empowering parents to play an active role in their children’s holistic development. By focusing on the 5 A’s and building essential core skills, parents are equipped with valuable insights to raise confident, compassionate, and successful individuals. We encourage parents to embrace this knowledge and collaborate with us in creating a bright future for our young learners.

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