Nature Appreciation Day 2024
March 1, 2024

On March 1st, 2024, the vibrant energy of Nature Appreciation Day filled the halls of Excel Central School as our kindergarten students took center stage in celebration. With joyful hearts and eager spirits, they orchestrated a charming program, showcasing their talents through mime, dance, and song, enchanting all who were present.

In a gesture of eco-conscious celebration, students commemorating birthdays in January and February were presented with a special gift: a sapling to nurture and grow, symbolizing the promise of life and the importance of stewardship.

Following the festivities, our young nature enthusiasts ventured to the integrated farming area, where they eagerly rolled up their sleeves to participate in planting activities. Armed with seeds they had brought along, the children embraced the opportunity to connect with the earth, sowing the seeds of responsibility and environmental awareness through the STEAM concept of ‘Each One, Plant One’.

It was a day of joy, learning, and hands-on engagement with nature, reinforcing our commitment to instilling a deep appreciation for the environment in our students. As they tend to their saplings and watch their seeds grow, we hope to see their connection to the natural world blossom alongside.

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