Cambridge Subjects

Cambridge Subjects

Cambridge IGCSE

Empowering Students for Global Success

At Excel Global School, we are proud to offer the Cambridge IGCSE, a world-renowned programme designed for students aged 14-16 years. The programme emphasises a learner-centred and enquiry-based approach to learning.

Cambridge IGCSE encourages students to actively engage with a variety of subjects and develop a wide range of skills. It aims to nurture learners who are confident, responsible, innovative, and engaged.

The curriculum offers flexibility with over 70 subjects to choose from, enabling students to study subjects they are genuinely interested in and passionate about. It covers subjects from a variety of areas: languages, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, creative arts and more.

This internationally recognised programme provides excellent preparation for further study, including Cambridge International AS & A Level, BTEC Level 3 Nationals and the IB Diploma. It is accepted by universities and employers worldwide, further supporting our commitment to equip our students for success in their future careers.

Excel Global School’s approach to the Cambridge IGCSE is a perfect blend of traditional and modern teaching methodologies, ensuring that our students are not only prepared for their examinations but also instilled with a lifelong love of learning.

Cambridge AS & A Level

Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level

Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications offered by our institution are designed to provide learners with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Our curriculum focuses on developing in-depth subject knowledge, fostering independent thinking, and promoting the application of knowledge in various contexts. We emphasize critical thinking skills, including the ability to handle and evaluate different information sources, think logically, and present coherent arguments.

By pursuing Cambridge International AS & A Level, learners enhance their abilities to make informed judgments, recommendations, and decisions. They develop strong communication skills, including presenting reasoned explanations and understanding implications, while effectively expressing themselves in English. With a wide range of 55 subjects to choose from, schools can tailor a curriculum that suits each learner’s interests and goals. The flexibility allows learners to specialize in specific subject areas or explore a diverse range of subjects.

Typically, Cambridge International A Level is a two-year course, while Cambridge International AS Level is completed in one year. However, certain subjects offer the option to start at AS Level and progress to A Level. We provide various assessment options to suit the learning needs and preferences of our students. Our qualifications are highly valued by universities worldwide, making Cambridge International AS & A Level an excellent pathway to successful university study.

IGCSE Subjects

IGCSE English – First Language (0500)
IGCSE English – Second Language (0510)
Cambridge IGCSE Tamil (3226)
IGCSE Mathematics (0580)
IGCSE Physics (0625)
Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620)
Cambridge IGCSE Biology (0610)
IGCSE ICT (0417)
Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise (0454)

AS & A Level Subjects

English General 8021
English Language 9093
Tamil 9689
Mathematics 9709
Physics 9702
Chemistry 9701
Biology 9700
Computer Science 9618
Information Technology 9626
History 9489
Geography 9696
Business 9609
Economics 9708
Accounting 9706
Psychology 9990

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