The Release of Excel STEAM Magazine #1

Excel Group of Schools

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first issue of Excel STEAM Magazine, a remarkable publication that showcases the innovative and creative achievements of our students in the fields of Science & Sports, Tools & Technology, Engineering & Enterprise, Arts & Agriculture, and Mathematics, Medicine & Multiple Intelligences. This momentous occasion fills us with immense pride as we celebrate the remarkable talents and accomplishments of our Excelites. The magazine serves as a platform to highlight their ingenuity, critical thinking, and passion for STEAM subjects, further cementing Excel Group of Schools’ commitment to providing a holistic and cutting-edge education. Stay tuned for inspiring stories, insightful articles, and a glimpse into the boundless potential of our students as we embark on this exciting journey with Excel STEAM Magazine.

Magazine Launch
An Excel parent launches the first issue of the STEAM Magazine

Read our magazine here.

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