Pedagogical Synergy: Fostering Interdisciplinary Expertise Exchange

Expert Session
Anatomy Lab, STEAM Exploratorium
Excel Global School

Grade 5 Explores Digestive Wonders: Expert Session for Global School

In an exciting collaboration, Global School’s Grade 5 students recently engaged in an expert session on the Digestive System led by ISC facilitator Mr. Santhosh. Hosted in the cutting-edge Anatomy Lab, the session, organized by subject teacher Mrs. Jayalakshmi, featured dynamic presentations, live demos, and hands-on activities. The teacher-collaborative approach aimed to deepen students’ understanding and foster a love for anatomy. Positive feedback highlights the success of the initiative in enhancing the holistic learning experience at Global School. Kudos to Mr. Santhosh and Mrs. Jayalakshmi for their dedication to academic excellence.

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