A Triumph of Excellence: Gopalan Sir Honored with ‘கல்வி வித்தகர்’ Award

Excel Group of Schools

In a remarkable celebration of Independence Day on August 15th 2023, Gopalan Sir was bestowed with the esteemed ‘கல்வி வித்தகர்’ (Education Luminary) award. The event took place at Thuckalai and witnessed a gathering of distinguished individuals from various walks of life. The honor was conferred upon Gopalan Sir in recognition of his profound impact and dedication to the field of education.

The award was presented to Gopalan Sir by none other than Dr. Ponneelan, a highly regarded Tamil writer, winner of the Sahitya Academy Award, and a retired Joint Director of School Education. The event was a true testament to Gopalan Sir’s accomplishments and influence in the education sector.

Gopalan Sir’s illustrious career has been adorned with numerous accolades, underscoring his commitment to shaping young minds. He had previously been acknowledged with the Dr. Radhakrishnan Award (Best Teacher Award) by the Government of Tamil Nadu, solidifying his reputation as an exemplary educator. The ‘ஆசிரியர் திலகம்’ honor from குமரி அறிவியல் பேரவை and the title of ‘குமரி மாவட்ட சாதனையாளர்’ further accentuate his dedication and achievements.

Adding to his impressive collection of accolades, Gopalan Sir was also awarded the prestigious ‘காமராஜர் விருது’ from கன்னியாகுமரி கலாச்சார பேரவை, illustrating his profound impact on both education and the arts.

As Excel School, we salute Gopalan Sir’s remarkable journey, his indelible influence on countless lives, and his exceptional contributions to the realm of education. With heartfelt admiration and respect, we join hands in celebrating this momentous achievement. Our warmest wishes go out to Gopalan Sir for continued success in shaping the future of generations to come.

Congratulations, Gopalan Sir! Your achievements inspire us all.

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