STEAM Odyssey: Nano Field Expedition Grades 8
February 9, 2024

On 09/02/2024 (Friday), a total of 137 students, including 117 students from Excel Central School and 20 students from Excel Global School, embarked on an Educational Field Trip accompanied by 10 teachers. The objective was to provide an enriching experience and enhance their understanding of various scientific concepts learned in the Nano Certified course, bringing classroom knowledge to life.

Science Museum Visit:

The students explored the Science Museum, encountering numerous working models showcasing space-related phenomena such as space warp, telescopes, nebulae, and the effect of different weights on planets. Additionally, they observed models of rockets and their engines, gaining insights into space exploration. Demonstrations of vacuum tube light and visible light communication provided a hands-on experience.

Planetarium Show:

The highlight of the visit was the mesmerizing Planetarium show on Our Solar System, offering a captivating journey through space and leaving students with a deeper understanding of celestial bodies.

Global Science Festival (GSFK):

Students had the privilege of attending Asia’s largest thematically curated science exhibition, the Global Science Festival, Kerala (GSFK). The theme, “From the Big Bang to the Formation of the Earth,” provided a comprehensive exploration of scientific concepts. Notable exhibits included an impressive T-Rex model, human anatomy displays, and an exhibition on the evolution of mankind.

Integration with Nano Certified Course:

The Educational Field Trip seamlessly integrated with the Nano Certified Course, specifically the “Jr. Diploma in Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery.” The practical exposure complemented the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom, offering a holistic learning experience.

The Educational Field Trip proved to be an exceptional opportunity for both students and teachers, providing a hands-on and immersive learning experience. The combination of museum visits, planetarium shows, and participation in the Global Science Festival enriched their understanding of various scientific disciplines, cultivating an enthusiasm for learning.

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