Pongal 2023
January 13, 2023

Although each harvest festival has a story to tell throughout India, the efforts behind the matter do not go unnoticed. Here you have tributes paid to the sun god, thanking him for the climate’s brilliance with the sweet dish made from the rice boiled in jaggery and milk.

However, what cannot be dismissed behind the celebration of Pongal is the idea that sustains it. To think about a community of people coming together for the sake and growth of a fresh harvest is not the only issue here. The ties within the community that add to the spirit and essence of Pongal also is a matter of importance. The soil, the sun, the rains, and the plow are all the essential elements that make Pongal spiritually what it is, as it gets spread over three consecutive days. Pongal is not just about festivity and celebration of harvest but that of belief and culture too.

The perspective of such festivals in India shows the strength of the country’s association with religion, culture, and humanity above everything. The fact that one can distinguish them from their nature and character does not give ground for multiple meanings or deep divisions. As long as humanity and humanism survive, Pongal will continue to speak widely through its celebration of the message of togetherness and unity.

FAQ’s on Paragraph on Pongal

Question 1.
What does the word Pongal mean?

The word Pongal means to boil over in Tamil. It is the name of the sweet dish made of the freshly harvested rice by boiling it in jaggery and milk and served to the Gods.

Question 2.
What are the four days of Pongal?

The four days of Pongal are bhogi, surya, mattu, and kannum.

Question 3.
What is the essence of Pongal as a festival?

Pongal as a festival is a celebration of prosperity that is marked by the harvest. The essence of it lies the community ties fostered by it, which includes the effort and hard work of agricultural workers.

Question 4.
Who is Pongal dedicated to?

The festival of Pongal is dedicated to the Sun God Surya for his benevolence in making the prosperity happen.

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