Excel’s WACE: Elevate Education Globally
November 27, 2023
Day 1

Excel Group of Schools hosted a monumental event—the official launch of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) curriculum on our campus. The day included an engaging interactive session with the WACE and SCSA teams from Australia, culminating in the formal launch of the curriculum.

This event marks a historic partnership between the Government of Western Australia, Excel Group of Schools, and iQuery Australia, bringing the Australian School Curriculum to our classrooms.

The event featured a captivating welcome dance, an insightful address by Mr. Ashwandh SreeKumar, and a mesmerizing video showcasing the school’s legacy. Virtual chief guest address by Ms. Vijayadharani added a prestigious touch. Ms. Rajasree Ajikumar outlined the program’s objectives, leading to Dr. C. Sreekumar’s prideful Presidential Address.

Representatives from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, Australia, shed light on the Western Australian curriculum. The presentation by Mr. Peter Byrne, moderated by Dr. Elsa Lycias Joel, highlighted WACE’s role in preparing students for a prosperous future. The session covered the curriculum, ATAR courses, scholarships, and more, with an engaging Q&A moderated by Ms. Elsa Joel.

Felicitation by Mr. Antony Joseph emphasized the economic impact of encouraging students to pursue WACE. The event culminated in a vibrant dance performance, felicitation by Mr. Binu Kumar, and the unveiling of the plaque and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, marking a proud moment for Excel Group of Schools.

Day 2

The University Expo welcomed students to explore the Western Australian Curriculum. Mr. Peter Byrne’s talk reiterated WACE, WASSA, and ATAR details. Prof. Ganesh highlighted iQuery’s role and offered insights into a 7-year plan for students. Representatives from Australian Universities shared opportunities, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Highly Informative Session with High School Teachers

Mr. Peter engaged with Excel’s high school teachers, introducing the Curriculum Activation Program. This comprehensive program, featuring seven crucial steps, ensures effective implementation of the Western Australian curriculum. The session ended with an enlightening Q&A, fostering a collaborative and informed teaching community.

The two-day event successfully launched WACE at Excel Group of Schools, fostering global education standards and setting the stage for an enriched learning experience.

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