Excel’s Journey: Empowering Education through Experimentation
October 25, 2023

At Excel Global School, experiential learning is a cornerstone of our transdisciplinary journey, enriching the understanding of core subjects. From October 25th to October 31st, 2023, our IGCSE biology, physics, and chemistry students were immersed in hands-on experiments that surpassed traditional teaching methods, all under the guidance of our dedicated teachers.

In the biology lab, expertly facilitated by Mr. Gowtham, students had the opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge into tangible experiences through practical sessions. In the physics department, overseen by Mr. Rajasree Ajikumar, the learning experience transformed into interactive adventures, with practical booklets and engaging experiments that not only clarified concepts but also ignited a genuine passion for the subject. In the chemistry lab, guided by Mr. Anash, students delved into enlightening and challenging experiments that not only enhanced their practical skills but also kindled a deep love for the subject.

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