Earth Day 2024 & Summer Skill Skool Kickoff Extravaganza
April 22, 2024

On April 22, 2024, Earth Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Excel Group of Schools. Our students took a significant step towards environmental stewardship by planting 200 palm plants and seedlings, contributing to the health of our planet. This initiative goes beyond beautification—it’s a powerful commitment to nurturing a healthier ecosystem.

By caring for these plants, our students are not only enhancing our surroundings but also demonstrating the positive impact we can have on our world. Let’s celebrate these young environmental champions who are leading the way to a greener future! 💚🌿

Expert Insights and Inspirational Talks

Dr. Rajadurai shared valuable insights into the significance of Earth Day, underscoring its importance in promoting environmental awareness and action.

Mr. Boustine emphasized compelling reasons for the imperative protection of Mother Earth, urging everyone to take responsibility for preserving our planet for future generations.

Mr. Sujin Raj delved into the intricacies of palm tree cultivation, highlighting its importance in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

Dr. Sudhamathy elaborated on the myriad benefits of palm trees for our environment and communities, showcasing their pivotal role in fostering biodiversity and mitigating climate change.

Interactive Learning and Engaging Discussions

In addition to the planting activities, our students had the opportunity to engage in enriching discussions with environmentalists, deepening their understanding of Earth Day and the urgent need for environmental action.

Summer Skill Skool 2024 Inauguration

On the same day, Excel Group of Schools inaugurated the Summer Skill Skool 2024. Students from various grades were segregated into different categories, and classes commenced smoothly. Grade PreKG and LKG were accommodated in Class 1, while grades UKG and 1 occupied Class 2. Grades 2 and 3 were assigned to Class 3 in Category A, and grades 4 to 8 in Category B. The classes commenced seamlessly, setting the stage for a summer filled with learning and skill development.

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