Chairman’s Educational Odyssey: Insights from Australia
October 7, 2023

Dr. C. Sreekumar, Chairman of Excel Group of Schools, envisions not only the present learning of children but also the skills required for securing their future. Excel Group of Schools revolves around the 5 As: Arokya, Attitude, Academics, Artistic, and Athletics, offering a distinctive learning process with a focus on collaborative learning and skill-based vocational techniques.

Inspired by visits to leading schools and universities worldwide, Dr. Sreekumar’s vision has brought the state-of-the-art STEAM Exploratorium to life. To enhance skill-based learning, he embarked on a transformative educational voyage to Australia from October 7th to October 14th, 2023. This journey provided insights into global educational practices and international professional learning for school leaders.

During his visit to Australia, Dr. Sreekumar explored a diverse range of educational institutions, including Kindergarten on Site School, North Melbourne Primary School, Wantirna South Primary School, Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre, Swinburne University of Technology, and Rowville Secondary College. These institutions showcased infrastructural excellence and highlighted integrated learning processes, vocational training, and skills programs.

This educational odyssey emphasized the significance of cross-cultural perspectives in education, with each school offering unique pedagogical insights to enrich Excel Group of Schools’ commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for the modern world. Dr. Sreekumar’s journey uncovered “The Power of 7Cs in Design Thinking,” an innovative approach that will enhance the educational landscape at Excel, preparing students for a future that demands adaptive problem-solving skills.

Dr. Sreekumar is bringing the best practices from Australia to India, heralding a paradigm shift in education and a new dimension in Excel’s learning process.

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