Grade 3 Field Visit at Thottiyode( Pottery making )
March 7, 2023

We are thrilled to share with you all about our recent field visit to Thottiyode( Pottery making ) & Pazhathottam . On 7rd Feb, 2023, our Grade 3 students had the opportunity to connect with traditional crafts of pottery making and spend quality time with their friends and teachers.

The trip started with a visit to Thottiyode, a small village known for its pottery making. The students had the opportunity to observe the skilled potters at work and learn about the techniques used in pottery making. They also had the chance to try their hands at making clay pots and experience the process of molding and shaping the clay.

After the pottery making session, the students visited Pazhathottam, an ecopark located nearby.The park had a diverse range of flora and fauna,the students were able to explore the park on a nature walk and learn about the different plants and trees growing in the park. They also learned about the importance of biodiversity

The trip to Thottiyode and Pazhathottam was a fun and informative experience for the students, as it allowed them to learn about traditional crafts, sustainable agriculture practices, and eco-tourism

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